July 2016
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July Off Road


Dear AWA Friends,

High summer in the northern hemisphere brings road-trip fantasies. The idea of heading out onto open roads pulls at us. I suggest we all go! It’s ok to have a map, but it’s freeing to veer down an unknown bi-way. Follow your pen, let one image take you to the next, one character’s voice to the next plot development. Not knowing exactly where you’re going is the way to discover not only surprising and new places, but where you actually needed to go in the first place. Be a little random. Or a lot. Let the scenery and the folks you encounter surprise you. Fill your pen, pack a metaphor or two, be willing to stop at a roadside stand that offers local dialogue. Don’t be afraid of getting lost. There is no lost with a poem or a story beneath the wheels.

This summer AWA is starting its marathon engines. We are calling all AWA-trained leaders to join us in a new adventure! Write Around the World promises to connect writers everywhere. On October 22 through October 23, workshops will be in session around the globe. This fundraising event includes every voice that AWA has touched. Please see below for more details and send us your YES!!

Peregrine 2016 is available at Amazon! You can purchase a copy of the latest edition of the AWA journal, which is dedicated to Patricia Bender, the founder of the Pat Schneider Poetry Contest. The journal contains incredible poems and short stories, which include the 2014 & 2015 poetry winners. This is a collection not to be missed.

Registration is still open for the Training Sessions scheduled for Chicago in September and Albuquerque in November. The five-day instruction is thorough, supportive, professional and profound. The curriculum is structured to prepare people to be confident workshop leaders. Details are below and on the AWA website. We would love to hear from you!

With gratitude and respect,
Maureen Buchanan Jones
Executive Director



This is what we do! It’s not too late. Don’t miss this event!

We need every trained workshop leader to join us in this first-ever, global, fundraising writing marathon.

Our goal is to include all AWA workshop leaders and writers in our expansive circle.

Dozens of leaders have already signed up to lead workshops in support of AWA from places far and wide as Mexico and France, with more responding all the time. To join us, please respond to this email with your contact information. We will send the support details.

If you’re interested in participating in a workshop in your area, keep your calendar clear the weekend of October 22nd & 23rd. We can’t wait to write with you!

Training News



Upcoming AWA Workshop Leadership Trainings:
September 5 – 9 in Chicago, IL
November 13 – 17 in Albuquerque, NM

To join us, please begin the application process online or print the 2016 Application and send it with a $300 deposit to: Amherst Writers & Artists, PO Box 1076, Amherst, MA 01004

Reach out with any questions to We look forward to hearing from you!

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AWA facilitator Jaclyn Desforges launches The Blog Studio, a one-stop writing workshop where you’ll learn the creative and technical elements of blogging. This Toronto-based workshop includes valuable handouts, brand-new writing, as well as know-how and confidence to launch or refresh a blog on WordPress or Squarespace. Learn more and register here, or contact


In The Luminous In-Between, Cynthia Leslie-Bole‘s lyrical poems invite us to experience the radiance of one woman’s evolution through marriage, motherhood, spiritual individuation, and kinship with nature. This collection celebrates our innate capacity to create, heal, and perceive what lies beyond the ordinary in ‘the luminous in-between.’

Mary Ann Fuller Young has published a new book, Dutch Treat, Senior Dating and Other Stories that is available on Amazon, by order at your favorite bookstore and from her website, It is time for a few giggles!

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