VoiceFlame GirlVoiceFlame, a non-profit organization established by Mary Tuchscherer, teaches literacy development in girls and women in Malawi as a way to empower women and eliminate discrimination.

From July 24 — August 19, 2016, Mary traveled again to Malawi for cross-country and cross-cultural journey #5. For nearly a decade, Mary has led groups of volunteers to Malawi to lead writing workshops and train AWA Workshop leaders.

VoiceFlame writers have established the following writing groups: Chikoneka Secondary School; St. John’s Primary School; White Doves Writing Club; Chipasula Secondary School.

VoiceFlame Has given the girls of Malawi and me hope for the future. It is inspirational, easing the dark days through awakening hope, confidence, sisterhood, and love, all of which leads to the leaders of tomorrow. —Chikondi Lunguzi Njawala, VoiceFlame Program Coordinator.

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