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Lyrica(she/her) is a mother, healer and artist who lives in a tiny home on Vancouver Island, Canada. She uses the AWA method to bring people together who want to express themselves, find comradeship, explore their creative voice and feel heard by a supportive group of peers.
Currently her special interest groups are working with mothers, stay at home parents, and those who want to heal their bodies and/or inner child. Lyrica is an Amherst Writers & Artists-certified writing group facilitator and affiliate.

Classes offered:

More than Mothers
For mothers who give and give of themselves this is a slice of time for just you, to reconnect with yourself, your inner thoughts and creativity with a group of supportive women all wanting to do the same. Motherhood can feel like it consumes our whole identity at times. Find community with other mothers and come together for a chance to be genuinely heard and supported.Inner Voice

Inner Voice
Let's explore inner voices. Choose your own adventure: introspection on your own self-talk or an exercise on character development, either will fit this format.
Do you want the time and space to examine your own inner monologue and how it influences your life? Give your intrapersonal communication some attention within a supportive group of peers. Or go deeper into a character by understanding their internal dialogue and how it motivates them.

With the AWA method no one needs to know if you are writing about yourself, a loved one or a character. Every piece shared will be treated as story and kept confidential.

Ladysmith, BC, Canada

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