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There’s nothing Ashley loves more than a good story. The funny ones can make us laugh. The brave ones can make us cry. And the ones that transcend pen and paper can make us feel less alone. Writing and storytelling have always been a part of Ashley’s life both personally and professionally. Before becoming a mother, Ashley spent 15 years helping brands and organizations find their voices and tell their stories. Now, she helps people do the same by leading writing workshops. In her workshops, she helps writers get out of their own way in order to tap into the wellspring of creativity inside all of us. And most importantly, every writer in each meeting gets a chance to see the power of their own words. It can be a transformative process which Ashley loves to share with others by creating a safe space where writers can go deep and take risks. She is a nurturer who leads with compassion and a skilled facilitator. But she does this work because she loves watching others discover and remember their unique gifts. She currently holds workshops over zoom from her home in Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and two young kids.

Los Angeles, CA

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